Project Development

The most important parameters of Solar Power Plant (SPP) projects involve the condition and location of the sites, in which the installation will take place.

Measurement & Evaluation

For licensed SPP project applications, Turkey´s energy legislation requires certain measurements to be made specifically for each designated site.

Engineering & Project Design

Solar Power Plant (SPP) projects are long-term investments, thus it is of great importance that the projects are implemented correctly. Therefore, engineering and project design are two key elements in ensuring a flawless functioning for long-time.


The realization of licensed and unlicensed SPP projects requires certain branch-related legal and technical expertise as well as long-winded processes involving numerous steps.


As Rofa Solar cooperates with various world-known suppliers, it best placed to offer its clients various alternatives among cost-effective top quality products for their projects.

Turnkey Installation

An experienced team is particularly important for an accurate installation of Solar Power Plants (SPP). Even if the pre-project-planning is flawless, a mistake in the installation of the SPP can cause enormous loss to the investor.